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Toledo's blight and fake lighthouse idea

(my June 2014 ToledoTalk.com comment)

"The Blade just ran a story on something that Econcat already pointed out."

Jun 17, 2014 Blade story :

The mayor likened The Blade’s story to a YouTube user known only as EconCat88.

“Defining our city as ‘‍Ugly Toledo’ merits the same reaction as when the work of EconCat88 was a media focus,” said a statement from the mayor’s office.

Mayor Collins said Toledo doesn’t need a new Blight Authority.

Jun 19, 2014 Blade story titled Smokestack demolition set to start on July 10

After two years, the landowner of an enormous pile of debris and two unsafe structures in East Toledo will finally clean up its mess. Unfortunately for the city of Toledo, it is the landowner.

Mayor D. Michael Collins envisions a lighthouse-type motif on the remaining smokestack, which will stand at about 198 feet after it is reduced by 100 feet, Ms. Ward said.

Really? A stumpy smokestack painted to look like a lighthouse??? You're killing me, Smalls. Obviously, I'm missing the grand vision of this idea because it sounds like an embarrassing joke. Collins is making Ford's idea of a Blight Authority sound credible.

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