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Obviously, my personal KMS is the Junco code that powers JotHut. Even though Junco was designed to power a community site with its features that allow following users, following tags, and posting replies to other users' posts, I use Junco as a personal site at JotHut.

Over time, I'll migrate to JotHut all of my old web postings that I've made since 2001 at many sites. Most are at ToledoTalk.com.

I like the blog, wiki, and notetaking aspects of JotHut, which I can do from my laptop and my iPhone.

I like the streaming aspects of JotHut. It's quick and easy to add content from any device. Search, tagging, and wiki-like features help find and organize content. I can spend a lot of time just managing my content at JotHut, which I don't mind doing.

But I don't have to organize the content immediately after creating it. JotHut makes it easy for me to record the info. Get it recorded first and organize it later.

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