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My Sep 30, 2014 comment about Toledo's blight authority


The water authority talk in the other thread made me wonder if any updates existed for Toledo's blight authority.

The app allows residents to report a range of issues to the city directly from smart phones, tablets, or computers. The cost to Toledo taxpayers was $16,000.

Toledo’s charter requires the mayor to get council approval for any outlay of $10,000 or more. The mayor said the app’s $16,000 cost was divided into three purchase orders, negating the need for council action.

In 2008, when Mayor Collins was a councilman, he criticized Mayor Carty Finkbeiner for spending $100,000 to renovate a section of the Erie Street Market into a concert venue. The renovations at the city-owned market building near downtown was split into more than a dozen contracts, each below the $10,000 council-approval threshold.

Did EconCat88 get honored, or is he still being hunted?

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