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Fleitz Pumpkin Farm visit - Sat, Oct 11, 2014

Toledo morning temps started out in the mid to upper 30s. It turned out to be a sunny, comfy fall afternoon. After shopping downtown at the Toledo farmers market, DD and I drove east of Oregon to visit Fleitz Pumpkin Farm. It was our first visit in a number of years. We visited this place often when CP was little.

We arrived in the early afternoon, and we stayed for around 90 minutes. Excellent turnout. More people came while we were there. But the place did not feel crowded nor cramped because the activities and displays were spread out. The staff kept the lines moving. It was a fun, family outing. Naturally, a lot of small children were present.

At Fleitz's, we snacked on doughnuts and hot cider. We also bought a small pumpkin, multiple small gourds, and a few mums.

The first two photos were taken on Sat morning, Oct 11, 2014 at the Toledo Farmers Market.

Fleitz Pumpkin Farm Photos

Plenty of field space for parking.

Pumpkin patch.

The farm also grew other food, such as corn and soybeans with an apple orchard in the distance.

Fleitz offered wagon rides.

The line for snacks.

Playing in corn. That looked like fun.

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