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Notes - Jun 12-15, 2014

Thu, Jun 12 - Glass City Mashers meeting at The Attic


DD and I attended our first Glass City Mashers meeting last night, Jun 12, 2014 at the Attic, located above Mano's along Adams Street. The discussion focused on "bitters," which are English ales or pale ales. We sampled three types.

We Skyped a group of GCMs at Grand Rapids, MI for the Homebrewers Conference. Sounds like they are having a grand time. At The Attic, we enjoyed a lot of conversations with people, including J & J and Tom from the Black Cloister. Tom said they plan to begin brewing in August and open in September.

Tom said Black Cloister will supply three types of beer for a Sep, 9, 2014 farm to table #event hosted at the Toledo Zoo.

While at The Attic, DD and I drank LaTrappe Dubbel, which was very tasty, of course. We ate some grub. Over 20 people attended the meeting. DD and I were the last ones to leave from the GCM. We left at 10:40 p.m. Interesting group. Also chatted with DD's coworker and brewer B.

Fri, Jun 13
Neighbor K's day-after-her-birthday, so we visited DeVeaux Village Shopping Center for dinner at Backyard BBQ and drinks, chips, and salsa at El Camino. CP, DD, me, B, and K.

Sat, Jun 14
DD and I, Toledo Farmers Market then lunch at San Marcos, downtown.
DD's parents stopped by in the late aft on their way home and stayed overnight. Dinner at home.

From my Field Notes notebook for Sat, Jun 14, 2014:

  • toledo morning temps 45-48 degrees
  • crisp, bright, blue sky
  • light to moderate wind
  • temps warmed to 70s in the afternoon
  • walked barney in the morning
  • farmers market
    • strawberries, local, in season now
    • eggs, young chickens, small eggs, has a name??, mostly yolk
    • bea's blend coffee beans
    • all crumbs rye bread with, i think, barley malt
      • Black Malt Rye - flour, water, rye flour, canola oil, molasses, malted barley, salt, yeast
    • locally-grown lettuce greens
  • san marcos for lunch

Sun, Jun 15
Spent the morning, hanging out with DD's parents at home.
Ate salad greens from our backyard garden in the aft.
Drank a couple of our homemade beers.
Did some yard work in the late aft/early eve.

Great weather each day. Got warmish late on Sun, Jun 15.

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