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Notes - Sat, Oct 18, 2014

I walked Barney in the morning. We shopped at Steinmart in Westgate. We shopped at the Toledo Farmers Market. We ate lunch at the Glass City Cafe. We bought two small items at Adams Street Antiques, Art, & Collectibles. We visited the newly-opened small store on Dorr Street called Beads & Books. We relaxed in the afternoon. In the evening, I watched an entertaining college football game between Notre Dame and Florida State.

Walk with Barney

During my morning walk around our neighborhood with our dog Barney, the sun popped out some between the big, low-hanging clouds, illuminating the trees with red, orange, and yellow fall colors.

One small maple caused me to stop for a bit, which annoyed the impatient dog.

Glass City Cafe

After shopping at the downtown Toledo farmers market, DD mentioned going to the Black Kite Coffee shop, which we do often, during our Saturday morning running-arounds. But I suggested an alternative that was located a block or so from the downtown main library. We ate lunch at the Glass City Cafe.

It was our first visit to the GCC, which is located in a small, old, downtown brick building. Diner-style food and live music. Antiques decorate the interior. We loved the place, and we couldn't believe that it took us so long to visit.

I ordered the fried bologna and cheese sandwich with horseradish mustard and home fries and glass of sweet iced tea. It was all good. We took home a few of their Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, which were also tasty.

Standing outside the Glass City Cafe.

Antique Store

We spent a good bit of time browsing the antique store, located along Adams Street, near Manhattan's restaurant.

I took a business card for:
- Steven Skidmore
- Master Jeweler
- Adams Street Jeweler
- 1500 Adams Street
- Toledo, OH 43604
- Specializing in: Repairs done while you wait and watch. Custom jewelry designs.

Steven worked in a small corner near the door.

At the antique store, I had my eye on this 1950s dinette set, but I don't know where or how we would use it in our home. No room and no need. But this looked cool.

Beads & Books

This was a fun place. It contains a small collection of used books, including children's books. The store is primarily focused on crafts that involve using beads. They offer classes. The small store is stocked well with materials.

Beads & Books is located at 4925A Dorr St. in the Library Plaza, which is where Ruby's Kitchen is located.

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