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Handy info. We're looking forward to trying Veritas Cork & Craft, Kengo Sushi & Yakitori, and the Black Cloister when it opens.

I noticed that the map did not mention Mutz at the Oliver House. Of course, it uses the food and brew from upstairs at the MBBC with some possible minor differences.

Mutz and The Attic are probably the two favorite bars that my wife and I like to visit in the Toledo area. I like the duck wings and Betty's Salad at Mutz/MBBC. We picked up a growler of brew at Mutz earlier this week.

As to downtown eateries, we like Manhattan's, Registry Bistro, Glass City Cafe, Grumpy's, Downtown Latte, and San Marcos.

It's funny that this was posted to Toledo Talk, but San Marcos did not get its own push pin. Maybe that's because it already has a prominent listing on Google maps.

And nearby La Cachanilla is still open, correct?

I can has Mexican.

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