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About the Black Cloister opening in March 2015

my feb 25 2015 tt comment

"Are they going to make everybody check their phones at the door too?"

No. A person needs the cellphone to photograph the beer and post to Instagram.

If you need a TV, then go elsewhere. What's so hard about that?

I understand that if you are consuming Bud Light, then you need a TV to distract your brain from the fact that you're drinking piss. I hope that's mildly offensive.

"I'll be going for dinner ..."

Not at Black Cloister, at least not in the traditional sense, unless something has changed.

It's a taproom and not a brewpub. Their original plan said that they will not sell food, but you could bring your own food.

Their original plan suggested that the Black Cloister may partner with other eateries to have food delivered, but that was the "word" last summer. And it may still be true.

Excerpts from a January 2015 Toledo Free Press story

... in July 2013 taproom licenses became available [in Ohio] and that drastically changed his vision for Black Cloister.

The major difference between Black Cloister’s taproom and other brewpubs, according to Schaeffer, is that it will not have a kitchen or serve beers from other breweries. Instead, Black Cloister will focus on its own beers and rely on other Toledo businesses to feed hungry patrons.

... will focus on Belgian-inspired styles.

“We have three different beers we can get brewed in two to three weeks,” Schaeffer said.

“We’ll have a Belgian witbier, a palesner, which is a pilsner recipe brewed with ale yeast at about 44 degrees and it is our own invention,” he said. “At this point, because of timing, we’ll probably brew an Irish red.

“There will be flagship beers, but not at first. We decided to produce our beers, get them out there and let the public tell us what the flagship beers are going to be.”

The Black Cloister’s Irish red, according to Schaeffer, is the brainchild of assistant brewer Shannon Speight, a highly decorated brewer who won more than 40 awards for her beers in 2014 alone.

Shannon's an excellent brewer. I've enjoyed Shannon's Belgian-style beers, during our group brew days and at Glass City Mashers meetings. We were excited to learn last year that she would be brewing at Black Cloister.

My wife and I are homebrewers, and we occasionally get together with other homebrewers for a group brew day. The process takes around six hours. It involves a lot of standing around time, which we put to good use with drinking, eating, and chatting. No TVs. Don't need them.

The Black Cloister will be a different business for Toledo. It may be patronized by a lot of beer snobs. That's good.

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