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Black Frog Brewery

Opening someday in the Toledo area.


"A Toledo native trying to open a local Nano Brewery"

Jun 15, 2014 posting by a couple local bloggers:



In a quaint garage on a quiet street in a beautiful and serene subdivision on the outskirts of Toledo, Ohio, inconspicuously lies the home of Toledo’s newest craft brewery. This is no ordinary brewery, however. This is the home of the first minority-operated brewery in the city – and quite possibly the state.

Black Frog Brewery is the newest edition to the craft beer scene in Toledo, Ohio. In the very recent months, Toledo’s beer scene has really begun to take shape and catch up to neighboring Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati.

With breweries such as Maumee Bay Brewing Company, Great Black Swamp Brewing Company, and the coming-soon Black Cloister Brewing Company, Black Frog Brewery will be welcomed into a community that is primed and eager for even more amazing craft beer.

Back on 419 Day in April, I sampled some good beer at the Ohio Theater that was made by another local nano brewery called S.L.O.B.S. (State Line hOptimistic Brewing Society).

To meet more beer nerds, especially homebrewers, consider joining:

They meet once a month at The Attic.

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