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Tt apr 27 2015 comment

EconCat88, I see that you are a newspaper editor, or you are sharing ideas.

Apr 26, 2015 - Toledo Blade - Poor decisions accelerated decline of Toledo's once-bustling downtown

The sad shape of large sections of downtown Toledo [today] — rows of vacant buildings, gap-tooth sections with empty structures separated with parking lots, looming giants of brick and steel that haven’t seen habitation in decades ...

... bad decisions by public officials ...

... a lot of behind-the-scenes dealing with high-ranking city and state officials that also included business leaders such as the late Paul Block, Jr., co-publisher of The Blade during that period.

Allegedly, the highly negative story is about what went awry in Toledo 30 to 50 years ago and not 3 to 5 minutes ago.

Bad decisions by public officials??? Git outta here.

i can see why the 'blink' tag got dropped from HTML. the blinking text is giving me a headache. how about marquee?

bad decisions by public officialsbad decisions by public officials

continuing with html pages from the '90s, combining the two

bad decisions by public officialsbad decisions by public officials

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