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Tt post aug 5 2015

Aug 5, 2015 - Toledo Blade - High-ranked city execs get pay hikes of up to 18.4%

Even though Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson knew of the raises, she was unsure Tuesday whether her top water official, Utilities Director Ed Moore, had in fact received a 16 percent pay increase, from $94,814 to $110,000.

The guy who claimed that no sewage spilled into our streams and rivers during the June 27 tropical storm receives a large pay raise. The guy is so qualified in his job that he is no longer allowed to speak to the media about our water.

Here is PH2's hilarious reason for Moore's pay raise:

“I did that to get [the department of public utilities] in line ... and so we are providing quality service,” Mayor Hicks-Hudson said.

More from the Blade article:

Toledo’s top utilities officials last month were handed pay increases — some of which were hefty — just before the Hicks-Hudson administration froze hiring and clamped down on most overtime to avoid a $2 million general fund shortfall.

Several Toledo city councilmen Tuesday said they had no knowledge of the raises and expressed dismay.

Jul 24, 2015 - Toledo Blade - City of Toledo freezes hiring, cuts overtime - City $2M over budget, faces income tax shortfall

Toledo froze city hiring and halted most overtime Thursday after revealing the city is $2 million over budget for the year and headed for a financial shortfall.

Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson announced the hiring freeze as one way to prevent a deficit that Finance Director George Sarantou said could grow as large as $3 million by the end of the year.

Contributing to Toledo’s woes have been income tax revenues, which are less than expected. The amount collected could fall $4 million to $6 million short of expectations, city spokesman Stacy Weber said.

Mayor Hicks-Hudson expects [her] actions will save $1 million to $2 million.

The good part, although off-topic for this thread:

Additionally, Toledo has collected $888,742 in [ILLEGAL] red-light camera revenue, which is barely more than half of the $1.6 million the city expected to collect from the camera program by July.

Mr. Sarantou said he believes the city can overcome its financial troubles. He pointed out that the city is suing people with multiple unpaid red-light fines, which should bring in more revenue. He said he believes once those fines are collected, the city will reach its projected red-light camera revenue.

Solid proof yet again that the traffic cameras were a money grab and never about safety, especially when the city budgets an expected revenue amount. If people drove safely, then the cameras would make no money, which would be bad for the city.

Toledo needs dangerous driving to help balance its budget.

When a city is that dependent upon revenue from illegal traffic cameras, it shows that Toledo has a long way to go before it can be considered a healthy city.

Ed Moore receives a 16-percent raise???

PH2 hands out a few "hefty" raises without city council's knowledge when the city faces a budget shortfall???

This is why people should remain distrustful of Toledo government.

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