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Warning to the community from the Blade:

If you DARE to support Tom Noe, we will out you on the front page and mention where you work.

posted by justread on Aug 17, 2015 at 08:18:21 am


I don't know anything about a "front page," but I found the stories through the Blade's local news RSS feed.

Actually, I enjoyed the Blade stories on Sunday about that crook Noe.

The story about Noe's allies was enlightening. Dock Treece looks silly with his Noe support.

Dock Treece, president of Treece Investment Advisory Corp., wrote on corporate letterhead that he had spoken privately with then gubernatorial candidate Kasich on Noe’s behalf after a health-care-related meeting in 2010.

“I stated at the time and I still hold the position that Tom Noe was convicted with the aid of a vengeful judge [Tom had run several candidates against him] and a vindictive newspaper editor [Tom was a successful Republican Chairman often in opposition of the will of the paper],” he wrote.

I assume that Treece was referring to the Blade and/or a Blade editor with his "vindictive" crack.

How are FACTS vindictive? Is Treece angry because Noe and his clan got caught?

More Treece silly-speak: "Tom Noe was convicted with the aid of a vengeful judge ..."

Noe caused Noe's predicament, not a judge nor a newspaper.

Vengeful judge? Tough luck. Too bad.

Noe played the political game well, which meant breaking the law. And one of the risks he took when he played the game was getting busted and facing a judge that Noe opposed politically.

No sympathy from me. I hope that the Blade keeps it up.

Noe was found guilty of stealing millions and using the cash to erase debts and buy and furnish million-dollar homes.

You can't be a willing participant in the illegal aspects of the political game, and then complain about the rules later when things go bad for you.

And this type of thinking is infantile:

Joseph Deters, prosecutor in Hamilton County, said of Noe’s defense, “He couldn’t have handled it worse.”

Mr. Deters and Mr. Kerger said Noe’s 18-year prison term is excessive. “I have murderers and rapists who do less time than this,” Mr. Deters said.

Murders and rapists do less time, eh? Relevance to Noe? None. If you don't like it, then be an activist and work to change the system

Noe has served only 7 years of an 18-year sentence.

Noe was convicted of 29 charges, 25 of which were felonies, including a mandatory 10-year sentence for a RICO-related felony. He also was convicted on four misdemeanors.

Noe needs to serve at least three more years.


Here's another informative Blade story that was published on Sun, Aug 16, 2015.

The algal-produced microcystin levels in Lake Erie near Toledo’s drinking water intake crib have for years been much higher than the relatively small levels found so far this year.

The city began testing for microcystin in 2011

... a review of five years of test results shows ...

Higher raw water levels and some tap water detections [of microcystin] in the past went largely unnoticed by the public.

We drank microcystin via our tap water in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Can we panic retroactively?


Mon, Aug 17, 2015 - Toledo Blade - Lucas Co. boosts pay up to 20 percent - "High-level administrators get big raises; others receive 1.5 percent"

In the months after the countywide sales tax was bolstered by a half percent, the Lucas County commissioners distributed across-the-board pay increases to employees in the sheriff's, treasurer’s, and other offices and boosted the salaries of some of the county’s highest-paid administrators.

Top-scale administrators receiving more pay included Julie Lyle, the canine care and control director, whose annual salary increased 20 percent.

The additional pay was granted despite commissioners’ concerns that finances were so dire that they took $10.4 million from reserves to balance this year’s budget.

It's good to be the king.

Jan 20, 2015 Blade story titled Lucas County Commissioners unanimously approve increase in sales tax

The commissioners say the sales tax increase is needed to pay for county services and programs and make improvements to technology and buildings. The county also wants to build a jail to replace the aging and inefficient facility on Spielbusch Avenue.

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