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Wed, Sep 9, 2015 Toledo Blade story by Troy and Messina:

The posting erupted — on Facebook and by commenters to The Blade’s story about the allegations on toledoblade.com — into a discussion on Mr. Bell’s history of going to bars and talking to women, as well as the topic of unwanted physical contact and harassment.

What was the point of that paragraph?

Micah Risher, owner of Wesley’s, said he was there Friday and did not witness anything inappropriate. “None of my staff received any complaints,” Mr. Risher said. “I saw him interact with a lot of people. He hugged a lot of men. He hugged a lot of women — just being very friendly and having fun at a bar.”

But in the story, the Blade writers failed to include this info posted last night by Wesley's:

we did request a customer to leave on Friday night between 1230am & 1am. It was a black male in his 50s or 60s and he was ejected for having rudely groped several women. However, it was not Mike Bell.

That seemingly important nugget of information may have been excluded from today's Blade story because, according to the Wesley's post:

The Toledo Blade made no attempt to contact the management at Wesley's before publishing their article. They did not verify any information with us.

More from the Sep 9 Blade story:

Ms. Reiter contested Ms. Dow’s claims about the former mayor.

“Mike Bell spent most of his time with me and most of my friends — there was no groping,” she told The Blade. “I didn’t see him with any of the other women. I have met him out many other occasions, professionally and after hours, and he has never been inappropriate.”

Ms. Reiter said the other woman — whose face cannot be seen — is also a friend of Mr. Bell, and they were having a conversation.

And more from the Sep 9 Blade story:

Mr. Bell, who is running for mayor again, on Tuesday denied the allegations, suggesting a political motive.

Ms. Dow is a former office manager for the Lucas County Democratic Party, which has endorsed Paula Hicks-Hudson for the job Mr. Bell is seeking.

Mayor Hicks-Hudson said she knows Ms. Dow as a “good Democrat” but said she is not associated with her campaign or still employed by the Democratic Party.

“She is not an operative in any sense of the matter. It’s unfortunate for her to feel she had to [accuse Mr. Bell] and for it to happen. My reaction is it’s an unfortunate situation regardless whether it did or didn’t happen.

“We should be looking at the issues that are really affecting our city,” Ms. Hicks-Hudson said.

Joshua Hughes, the chairman of the Lucas County Democratic Party executive committee, said Ms. Dow left the party’s employ in May after working there about a year.

I wonder what caused PH2 to say that Dow is not an "operative." Did the Blade writers use the word "operative" in their questioning with Hicks-Hudson? Why would someone voluntarily use the word "operative"?

Reactions from the other mayoral candidates:

Mrs. Collins said she knew only what she read of The Blade’s coverage and declined to comment further.

Mr. Ferner said, “It’s a serious allegation, and it should be taken seriously, but I’m not going to pass judgment on anybody without knowing all the facts.”

Likewise, Mr. Finkbeiner said: “I reserve comment until the facts of this case are better known.”

Ms. Spang did not return phone calls seeking comment.

Hey, how come Opal was not asked about this?

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