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Newspapers are executing a war on the web

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"Forget ‘Spotlight’: There's a war against journalism" - http://mobile.philly.com/beta?wss=/philly/blogs/attytood&id=370547101 - #media #moronism #humor #entertainment - a lot of whining from a media person about the entertainer Trump. it's not politics. it's not serious. it's entertainment. relax.
From: JR's : micro blog - Mar 01, 2016 - reply

JR: Forget the war on journalism, media publishers like philly.com are executing a war on the web by creating miserably, bloated websites that are hostile to readers. I thought that wunderground.com was bad. This philly.com article may be the worst example of a web page in internet history.
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JR: this philly.com url includes the phrase "beta". maybe that's why the page is incredibly bloated and slow. http://www.webpagetest.org/result/160301_2M_XWR/
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JR: WebPageTest - Fully Loaded - Time: 119.956s ; Requests: 1,015 ; Bytes: 13,216 KB ; Cost: $$$$$. !!! Unbelievable. I think that five dollar signs is the max for their cost category. A single article page makes over 1000 requests and is over 13 megabytes in size. - #speed #media #design #moronism
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JR: http://article.soupmode.com/static/html/live-blog-wed-nov-26-2014.html - over 1600 words and one photo. http://www.webpagetest.org/result/160301_5C_Y5R/ - Fully Loaded - Time: 1.205s (to slow, IMO) ; Requests: 4 ; Bytes: 118 KB ; Cost: $. ---
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JR: Spotlight investigation occurred in 2002 as mentioned in the philly.com story. I bet single article web pages were a lot smaller 14 years ago. Way to foul up the web, philly.com. This is why Facebook creates Instant Articles and Google creates AMPs because philly.com and friends destroys the web.
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JR: my test static blog site http://article.soupmode.com/static is how i would like to see newspapers display stories on the web. simple, FUNCTIONAL, small, fast-loading, responsive, web pages. No need for a mobile site AND the full site. No need for an app. One simple, responsive site works.
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JR: i would pay a hefty annual subscription fee to the newspaper if they provided a site that was free of ads, trackers, and javascript. just the article. and a link back to the home page. no need for navigation, etc. at the top. that can be accessed from the home page, which should be a simple stream.
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JR: when publishers like philly.com execute their war on the web, then i have no interest in an alleged war on journalists within the united states because their websites will be so bad that i won't be able to read their content.
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JR: that philly.com article is a reason why publishers should not have a website, and philly.com should only publish at all of the other social media services. and maybe pastebin. :)
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JR: but again, the url contains the word beta, therefore the size of this single web page may only end up being 10 megs.
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#media #web #design #speed #moronism

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