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Using other services to create a local media org - March 2016

Video storage to allow videos to be embedded into blog posts:

  • Vimeo
  • YouTube

Image storage to allow images to be embedded into blog posts:

  • Flickr

Video livestream:

  • Facebook Live
  • Twitter's Periscope

Photo and short video storage and/or for networking/journaling:

  • Instagram

Blogging/writing/reporting on own custom domain name at:

  • Wordpress
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Ghost
  • or using hand-rolled/downloaded software on a server at a hosting provider

If I had to choose, I would select:

  • Writing: hand-rolled/downloaded software on a server at a hosting provider. This could still be Wordpress or Ghost, but it would run on "my own" server, instead of on their servers.
  • Image storage: Flickr for storing a large number of images without annoying followers. Even though Flickr can be a social network, I would use it as a storage bin, unless I used the image upload feature within the writing app, which would mean storing the images on my own server, requiring more disk space and backup storage. I would simply embed the Flickr-stored images into blog posts, like I have done for years.
  • Social networking: Twitter and especially Instagram for sharing select photos and 15-second videos with journaling notes and hashtags. These images could also be embedded into a blog post.
  • Live streaming video: Twitter's Periscope.
  • Discussions: Twitter
  • Video storage: YouTube. I would use YouTube as a storage bin and not as a social network. The videos would be embedded into blog posts.

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