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Tt post mar 12 2016

Blade story that Mariner alluded to above:

Mar 12, 2016 - Mayor names 7 as monitors of how Issue 2 money spent

And we need about 150,000 people to monitor the monitors.

Even if the issue 2 scam is defeated on Tuesday, then the city can play their ace card, which is the illegal refuse fee tax that was implemented in the spring of 2007.

Back in the winter or last fall, the city had planned to increase the illegal refuse fee tax by nearly double. But this has been put on hold, pending the outcome of Tuesday's vote.

It was put on hold because if the issue 2 scam is defeated, then the city can triple or quadruple the illegal refuse fee tax. It might not bring in as much money as an increase in the income tax, but it's still more money. Then the issue 2 scam would be back on the ballot in the fall. If the income tax increase passes in the fall, the illegal refuse fee tax remains.

The city could make out better in the long run if the above scenario plays out.

This is why the "refuse fee" is an illegal tax. Toledoans cannot vote on it. The city can increase this tax anytime that it wants and by whatever amount it wants.

Fees and assessments are polite words for taxes, anyway.

From today's Blade story:

City council committed to devote to residential street repair $16.6 million of the additional $18.6 million that the 0.25-percent boost is expected to generate this year. The remainder would go to the general fund.

My prediction is that over the years, the amount that goes to the general fund will increase, eventually leaving little for street repair, which will require a new type of income or property tax, unless something is written in stone that guarantees that 90% of this new revenue is always devoted to street repair.

Related to WestToledoan's comment above:

Mar 11, 2016 - Toledo Blade - Councilman urges mayor to freeze city workers’ pay

That would be District 5 Councilman Tom Waniewski.

Toledo's general fund budget has increased $13.63 million in two years.

The cost for general fund salaries was $152.69 million in 2014. It is projected to be $166.32 million this year, according to the mayor’s proposed budget.

“Additionally, a proposal to rearrange the Department of Public Utilities staff will result in a 7 percent increase in wages if approved,” [Tom] wrote. “In the next 18 months, six of the city’s nine bargaining units’ contracts will be up for renewal.”

The mayor has spent weeks urging retirees in Toledo to vote yes on the tax.

Mr. Waniewski said he wanted the mayor to remember Toledo’s working families.

“It’s time to champion the efforts of those hard-working families,” he wrote. “After all, they will bear the brunt of the proposed income tax increase. Last year, Lucas County raised sales taxes making the rate one of the highest in the region. Issue 2 has the potential to be a double whammy on working families.”

And this might be one of the dumbest thoughts that any Toledo politician has expressed ever:

Mayor Hicks-Hudson said she wants to make Toledo more efficient.

Toledo government and efficiency have never been partnered, at least in the time that I have lived here.

Definitely vote NO on the Issue 2 scam, especially since the Blade editorial board endorsed a yes vote.

The editorial board that's part of a fading industry and has it's "business" propped up by other businesses is unqualified to speak about tax increases.

And how many of the editorial board members even live in Toledo?

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