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Regarding Amazon in Ohio, the following info is based upon 2015-2016 news stories. The info may have changed since initial reporting, or I may have comprehended the stories incorrectly. Verify on your own time.

  • Amazon plans to build three data centers that will be located just outside Columbus city limits. The centers will support Amazon Web Services. Total employment will be 120 people. I think that's in total across all three data centers and not 120 people at each data center. Each job may have an average salary of $80,000.
  • But Amazon also plans to build two fulfillment centers in central Ohio, which may provide total employment of around 2,000 people.
  • Amazon will build a 48-turbine wind farm in Paulding County that will help power its centers.
  • State and local tax incentives totaled over $80 million.
  • Amazon's investment in Ohio should be over $1 billion.

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