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June 6, 2016 blog post by Simply Jess titled Holey Toledough! What a Doughnut!

Excerpts. View the blog post for photos.

Chris is working hard to give Holey Toledough a permanent storefront location making these ever changing, delicious treats more accessible to the people of Toledo. Holey Toledough recently launched a Go Fund Me campaign in order to drum up community support for the company’s storefront.

So what makes these so special from national chain or grocery store doughnuts? To put it simply: 12 hours of handcrafted production and pride. These are premium pastries, made from scratch, made to enjoy not devour.

From Bavarian creme to jam, Holey Toledough products are made from all real food products, no shortcuts, no preservatives.

The average night for Chris means starting the dough at 8pm and working through the night to bake, decorate, and prepare for deliveries by 5am. After three hours of deliveries he aims to be home by 8am to start answering business e-mails and phone calls.

Living in Point Place, there was no place to buy doughnuts; idea born! He did his research, drew inspiration from other designer doughnut makers around the world, and began testing at home.

With a modest following by the time the doughnuts were agreed to be test-sold at Black Kite Coffee, it was still a shock that six dozen doughnuts sold out in about 45 minutes!

Soon enough, Black Kite Coffee (Old West End) and The Flying Joe (Perrysburg) were the key locations for Holey Toledough, along with Bleak House Coffee (downtown), Earth to Oven Bakery (Sylvania), Glass City Roasters (Willys Pkwy) and the Toledo Farmers Market.

This past year, upon the opening of Brew Coffee Bar, the doughnuts made their way to the hungry college students at the University of Toledo.

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