Shopping for groceries in Toledo

I'm set with these locations:

  1. Phoenix Earth Food Co-op
  2. The Andersons
  3. Zavotski
  4. Farmers Markets
  5. Toledo Meat Market

update Jan 26, 2015: - in 2014, Al Hahib Market opened near us, so we shop there instead of the Toledo Meat Market.

Once a month or so, my wife will buy a few things at Costco. On rare occasions, one of us may shop at the Fresh Market at Westgate. When The Andersons on Talmadge expanded its grocery area, I stopped going to the Fresh Market.

A couple fun places to shop at include the Toledo Meat Market on Dorr St and Lai Lai Asian Market at Cricket West on Central Ave.

Of course, all of the above places are fairly close to where we live in West Toledo, which is why I dig living in the city.

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