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JR: Buzzfeed distribution channels - april 2016 - "A breakdown of BuzzFeed's official distribution channels: 10 social networks, 7 chat apps, 5 BuzzFeed apps, 20 video syndication partners, and more" - hilarious. and what's the take-away for small, local publishers? anything? a fraction of that? #me... more>>
- Apr 25, 2016 - #media #socialmedia #apps

JR: IPhone apps to try - This page was created on Feb 15, 2014. June 18, 2014 - I finally entered the smart phone era Opera Mini Vesper Facebook Paper Instapaper Flipboard WeChat Yelp WhatsApp Bebo's Blab Quartz's ( daily brief Inst... more>> 1 min read
- Sep 17, 2014 - #mobile #apps

JR: Web vs Native apps in 2013 and beyond - The debate will continue for years. Both have their roles. I prefer the Web on all devices. So for me, my favorite all-time native app is the Web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Links). Native apps vs Web apps depends upon the the website,... more>> 3 min read
- Oct 22, 2013 - #design #mobile #apps #web #html5 #css3 #javascript #blog_jr

JR: Alleged mobile usage stats from a spam e-mail - The e-mailer promoted mobile app development, claiming: Did you know, there will be 21 Billion Apps to be downloaded in 2013 as compared to 5 million Apps downloaded in 2010!!! Why are Businesses Creating Mobile Apps? The volume of Mobile ... more>> 1 min read
- Oct 18, 2013 - #mobile #apps #business #blog_jr

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