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JR: Installing nodejs, nginx, mysql, junco, and ghost on Digital Ocean Droplet - Week of November 10, 2013 Buying a Domain Name I used to buy a domain name. Web Hosting at Digital Ocean create an account purchase the $5 per month Droplet. I used Ubuntu Linux. Digital Ocean will e-mail the usern... more>> 16 min read
- Sep 26, 2016 - #webhosting #nodejs #javascript #ghost #blogging #ssl

JR: Ghost blog theme info - themes #theme #ghost #blogging #design
- Mar 11, 2015

JR: Proposed Ghost blogging platform - Idea proposed in the fall of 2012. Development began in 2013. First release expected in summer or fall of 2013. A lot of nerd hype. Concept, however, contains interesting ideas. http... more>> 6 min read
- Feb 13, 2014 - #blogging #writing #design #ghost #blog_jr

JR: IndieWeb and the Ghost blogging platform - October 2013 pull request by IndieWeb advocate Barnaby Walters to add microformats2 data to the default Ghost theme. Response by Ghost project lead John O'Nolan : microformats2 is a very interesting sub... more>>
- Nov 01, 2013 - #indieweb #ghost

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