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Toledo area shopping - Sat, Feb 15, 2014

Sunny day. Clear, bright blue sky. Little wind.

We left home around 11:00 a.m. with temps approx 12 to 15 degrees. We got home at about 4:00 p.m. Still sunny. Temps around 20 degrees. Nice day. Maybe one of the last real winter days for a while.

We contributed to the local economy by shopping at:

  • Toledo Farmers Market
    • apples
    • bread from 'All Crumbs'
    • Kenyan coffee beans from local roaster, Bea's Blend Speciality Coffees
    • we took photos outside the market at the building with the ice sickles and the piled snow around the open bays and along the Swan Creek edge of the parking lot. The snow piles towered several feet high.
  • Titgemeier's Feed and Garden
    • millet - 25 lb bag for around $8.00
    • thistle - 10 lb bag for under $10.00
    • total cost with tax was $18.47
    • cheapest bird seed around *
    • we also studied their homebrew beer-making items
  • lunch at El Tipico
    • good salsa with the chips
    • I liked my food with the fish taco being the best
  • Yarn Cravin in Perrysburg
    • I bought another skein of 100% wool- dark greyish color
  • Joseph Beverage Center
    • Elijah Craig 12 year Small Batch Bourbon
    • Bota Box Malbec wine
    • six single bottles of craft beers that we've never tried before

On our drive from downtown Toledo to Titgemeier's, DD noticed a Northern Mockingbird along the road. I went around the block, so I could observe. The NOMO hung out in some bushes along Emerald St near the intersection of Stanton, Erie, and Emerald streets/aves. This spot was close to a taco shop and not far from the Anthony Wayne Trail. Railroad tracks, I think, existed on the other side of the street, opposite the NOMO. Good sighting. The NOMOs are making themselves at home within Toledo.

* For the past year, Black Diamond Nursery has charged $1.00 per pound for millet. I used to be able buy a 50 lb bag of white millet at BDN for around $17 to $19. Currently at Wild Birds Unlimited, a 20 lb bag of white millet sells for around $15, a 5 lb bag of thistle sells for over $7.00. I spent $38 (which included our member discount) at WBU two days ago for 20 lb millet, 5 lb thistle, 20 lb whole kernel corn (~ $7.50), and 20 lb cracked corn (~ $7.50).

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