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Example April 2014 Vox.com story with its card usage

(My Apr 7, 2014 comment added to a Toledo Talk thread about Denver selling marijuana.)

Ezra Klein's new media venture http://vox.com launched recently, and here's an Apr 6, 2014 story titled:

Remember when legal marijuana was going to send crime skyrocketing?

The city is now home to more than 62 percent of all Colorado recreational marijuana retailers, who cashed in on $14 million in sales in January alone.

Three months into its legalization experiment, Denver isn't seeing a widespread rise in crime. Violent and property crimes actually decreased slightly, and some cities are taking a second look at allowing marijuana sales.

Three months is still a short time frame

In addition to its stories, Vox.com tries to provide explanatory journalism in wiki-like style with what it calls "cards." Text with a yellow background is a link to a card that provides additional information on the topic.

20 cards were associated with the above story. Each card appears on its own page with its own URL. A few samples:

Excerpts from the card about the case against marijuana legalization:

Some studies and experts suggest teenage marijuana use correlates with worse brain development and lower IQs.

Apr 6, 2014 Vox.com story titled: How politics makes us stupid

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