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Kelleys Island Visit with MN Gang - Jul 10, 2014

  • Took auto ferry from Marblehead, but we did not take a vehicle.
  • We arrived at KI at around 1:00 p.m.
  • We did not rent from the business at the dock.
  • We walked to downtown and rented a golf cart from the Caddy Shack, the same place where we've rented golf carts and bicycles since the late 1990s.
  • We rented the cart for an hour. We started west and drove along the edge of the island to the location of the glacial groves and beach and then south and then east around a housing area. Then eventually south to the edge of the island east of the auto ferry dock. Then back to downtown.
  • Lunch at the Captain's Corner. I got the Lake Erie yellow perch sandwich as usual. And as usual, it was fantastic. Great sandwich.
  • After lunch, we played putt-putt. First time the girls had ever played putt-putt. We did not keep score. It was a wild, hilarious time. Kenzie played a speed round. She finished a hole and then went on to the next one and kept going. She finished all 18 holes before we got a few holes completed. Roo was fun to watch play. An interesting style and technique. Good commentary from Roo about our play.
  • After putt-putt, Kenzie and I browsed in the Mining Company store. We bought a bag of sand that contained fossils. We borrowed a mesh, screen with wooden sides and handles that we needed to filter out the sediment. We went back to the putt-putt golf course where a water runway flowed that allowed Kenzie to mine for fossils. We bagged our finds. The next day in B'ville, Kenzie cleaned the fossils and made a nice display that I viewed that weekend. While we mined, Roo and DD browsed the sandal shop.
  • Then we rented another six-person golf cart for more traveling around the island. I let Kenzie drive by the quarry, the same area that I let CP drive the golf cart 10 to 15 years earlier. Funny. Kenzie did a good job driving. The quarry was half-filled with water. I'm unsure when the quarry ceased operation. I remember when it was a working quarry. We drove around the west edge of the island again to the glacial grooves. We toured the grooves and walked around the other nearby paths a little. We visited the nearby beach. Then we drove around the island some more. It was suppose to be a 60-minute rental, but it lasted for over 90 minutes. We just paid the extra hour.
  • After ending the second golf cart rental ride, we ate ice cream and sat at the picnic tables. Live music played outside at the Caddy Shack bar / restaurant. People sat outside the restaurant under wooden canopies. Sunny evening. Relaxing. It would have been nice to stay on the island and sit at one of the outside tables, sipping a brewski and listening to music.
  • About 7:45 p.m., we left downtown and walked back to the ferry dock.
  • We boarded the 8:30 p.m. ferry.
  • We docked at Marblehead around 8:55 p.m.
  • We left the dock parking lot around 9:20 p.m. MN drove to Bville. We went back to Toledo.
  • Memorable day.

Only light wind, so Lake Erie was pretty calm.

In the evening on the ferry ride back to Marblehead, nice sun resting just above Lake Erie and a big moon high up in the east.

Info comes from this thread of microblog/notes posts:
http://jothut.com/cgi-bin/junco.pl/replies/40872 and from my check-in posts.

All postings occurred on Thu, Jul 10, 2014.

  • at 10:52 am is partly sunny around 70 degrees. Leaving for Kelley's island now with MN.
  • 12:13 pm at ki ferry dock. (in Marblehead)
  • Arrived at 1 pm. Walked to downtown and rented six person golf cart for one hour drove only then lunch at captains corner.
  • 3:21 pm headed to putt putt.
  • Played putt putt then mined for fossils .
  • Left in golf cart again at 5:27 pm. Stopped at quarry. Kenzie drove cart for a bit to quarry.
  • Beach at 6:40 pm. Dropped off cart at 7:13 pm. Live music playing outside the Caddy Shack bar / restaurant. Outside sitting area under wooden canopies. Sunny evening.
  • Ice cream break.
  • Walking back to dock at 7:47 pm.
  • Fantastic weather today. Fun time with MN gang.
  • Ferry leaving KI at 8:32 pm. Clear sky. Fairly calm lake.
  • Docked at Marblehead at 8:54 pm.
  • At home around 10:35 pm. Great day.


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Dock ki ferry [at Marblehead]
Jul 10, 2014 - 04:13:41 PM utc

On ferry leaving dock
Jul 10, 2014 - 04:33:32 PM utc

Crossing [Lake Erie] 12:41 pm
Jul 10, 2014 - 04:41:46 PM utc

Landed about five min ago [~1:00 p.m. EDT]
Jul 10, 2014 - 05:04:58 PM utc

Downtown [KI]
Jul 10, 2014 - 05:15:51 PM utc

Home for sale [driving around on golf cart. white house with green metal roof. we decided it should be a summer home for Ma and Pap.]
Jul 10, 2014 - 05:50:42 PM utc

Cart rental [back at the Caddy Shack]
Jul 10, 2014 - 06:27:29 PM utc

End first cart rental
Jul 10, 2014 - 06:28:02 PM utc

Captains corner perch sandwich
Jul 10, 2014 - 06:29:57 PM utc

Done eating great food
Jul 10, 2014 - 07:15:43 PM utc

Island mining company
Jul 10, 2014 - 09:05:22 PM utc

General store at 5:08 pm
Jul 10, 2014 - 09:08:18 PM utc

[another cart rental, for nearly 2 hrs]

At quarry half filled with water reflecting blue from clear sky at 5:45 pm
Jul 10, 2014 - 09:46:06 PM utc

At glacial grooves at 6:10 pm
Jul 10, 2014 - 10:12:02 PM utc

Beach at 6:40 pm
Jul 10, 2014 - 10:43:08 PM utc

Walking back to [dock]
Jul 10, 2014 - 11:47:45 PM utc

Waiting for 8:30 pm [return] ferry.
Jul 10, 2014 - 11:58:30 PM utc

Jul 11, 2014 - 12:29:12 AM utc

At Marblehead Dock.
Jul 11, 2014 - 12:54:46 AM utc

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