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Toledo water blade opinion august 2014

Piss-poor writing/journalism:


Mr. Kovacik has been warning us all of an ecological catastrophe for the past few years — usually to the sound of one hand clapping. He’d have taken a bullhorn to the top of Perry’s monument at Put-in-Bay if he thought it would do any good.

“This is exactly what I would have predicted,” he says. “The toxic algae is being fed by nutrients and phosphorus, but pathogens are dangerously contributing to the toxicity.” The pathogens, he is convinced, are coming from Facility 3, the man-made landfill that juts into Maumee Bay.

Agricultural runoff into the Maumee River is a major source of the phosphorus. But the City of Bowling Green draws its water from the river and was not affected by the crisis in Toledo and its suburbs. So the bad stuff in the lake is fed by an additional source, Mr. Kovacik insists.

But the city of Oregon, located next door to Toledo, draws its water from Lake Erie, and it also was not affected by the crisis. On day two, we filled our containers with Oregon water at one of their fire departments, and we continued to drink that water all week.

Bowling Green not affected. Oregon not affected. Toledo effed up.

Good ole fashioned incompetence and malfeasance may be the causes for Toledo's problems.

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