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Up to a Billion Birds Die in the U.S. Annually Crashing into Windows


A new report finds that between 365 and 988 million birds die annually from crashing into windows in the United States alone. That's 10 percent of the bird population of the entire country, according to the Washington Post.

While domestic and feral cats still kill more birds a year, somewhere between 1.3 and 4 billion, humans are still responsible for quite a chunk.

I take exception with that last paragraph because it implies that domestic and feral cats are not a human responsibility, which is incorrect. Hence the term "domestic" that was used, which means cats belonging to humans.

Also, too many humans provide care for feral cats, which is misplaced concern. The cats destroy nature. With humans supporting outdoor cats, humans are destroying nature. They may as well illegally dump toxic chemicals.

More from the Gawker story:

Buildings four to 11 stories tall cause around 56 percent of the avian deaths, with buildings one to three stories tall making up the remaining 44 percent. Skyscrapers cause less than one percent, reports the study.

There are a ton of possibilities for keeping birds safe. Turning off artificial lights at night helps, but also check out these ultraviolet maple-leaf window decals, hawk stickers, or dab some tempera paint on the window glass. They might not look the prettiest, but they save lives.

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