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TV and Internet Connection Thoughts - May 4, 2015

my tt comment in this thread:


CatLady, we share a couple similarities.

"Toast.net is my internet provider."

Toast.net has been our internet service provider since at least the late 1990s.

"My TV is from 1993 and still works great ..."

Our TV is from around 1996. A television set is a piece of hardware that I care little about, therefore as long as our TV works, then I'm good with it. A quality chef knife is more important to me.

We watch TV programming through Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and Netflix over the Roku box. Of course, Amazon Prime doubles as a shopping mechanism for household items, gifts for our family members scattered around the country, and books for my wife's Kindle.

As far as I know, Toast.net does not have a rate limit. We have never been notified about reaching an arbitrary limit, but maybe we don't watch enough TV.

When my wife is watching TV over the Roku box and using her laptop or phone over our WiFi, I'm able to maintain a remote login shell session on one of my Linux servers. It seems that our Toast.net connection is solid.

TV over the Roku box does not bog down our network. Maybe that's different in a household with several people where each person is making heavy use of the internet connection.

If using the Roku consistently disconnected my remote login sessions, then either we would not watch TV over the internet, or we would have to switch internet service providers. But for around 18 years now, we've been pleased with Toast.net.

"... you're paying for HD content but not getting it!"

If I happen to stumble into the TV section of a department store, then I might by a new TV. But until then ...

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