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TT jun 29 2015

Unfortunately, it's not a hoax.

Carty and his army have been campaigning since at least late-May. He and his crew have attended multiple festivals.

At the beginning of June, he campaigned all three days at the Old West End festival, including walking in the parade with other politicians.

Carty-in-campaign-mode can be found on most Saturday mornings at the farmers market.

During the 2005 mayoral election year, Carty waited until June 30 to announce that he would run for mayor, but it was known a week earlier that he would hold a party to announce his intentions. And in December 2004, it was suspected that he would run for mayor in 2005. I think that he likes to play up the theatrics.

Since this year's special mayoral election contains no September primary, Carty may wait another month or so before officially announcing, not that it matters, since he has been campaigning for weeks.

Carty might be the front-runner, but I think thus far, PH2 has handled herself well, and she seems to represent the city with class. We'll see how she does with this summer's alleged toxic water crisis.

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