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Aug 14, 2015 tt post


September 4 is the deadline to announce running for mayor of Toledo in the November general election. Since no September primary exists for this year's Toledo mayoral election, the deadline to announce was pushed back.

But a September primary exists for this year's district seats for Toledo city council.

I think that late July was the deadline to notify the elections board of intent to run for a district city council seat in the September primary.

Peter Ujvagi missed the deadline by five days. But since the board declared PU substantially compliant, PU has been permitted to remain on the September ballot.

A few years ago, a similar substantially compliant issue occurred with Lindsay Webb.

"Substantially Compliant" might be a good name for a music act.

Aug 11, 2015 - Toledo Blade - Ujvagi missed a notification deadline by five days - "Council candidate can run despite missing deadline"

The Toledo charter requires that when someone runs for city council they are sent a letter informing them that they have been “nominated.”

They are given five days to return a letter confirming that they want the nomination. Records show the certified letter from the elections board was received at Mr. Ujvagi’s house July 24. He hand-delivered his signed letter Aug. 3.

Mr. Ujvagi said he had no excuse for the missed deadline, saying he had set the letter down in his house and remembered it late.

“I filled it out with the intention of taking it in on time. There were a lot of things going on in the neighborhood and other activities and I didn’t realize until Friday that I hadn’t taken it in, so I took it in Monday,” Mr. Ujvagi said.

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