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TT post sep 10 2015

"Not sure who is covering guys who respect ladies. But that would be most of us, so they are going to need a lot of reporters."

I'm guessing that the media are not interested in evolved humans. You cannot win awards that way.

Apparently, Toledo is infested with an unusually high number of troglodytes, and I doubt that the trogs will suddenly change their ways because of a few media stories.

If the trogs will ignore the activist stories, and decent humans don't need the stories, who is the audience besides journalism judges?

Maybe the media should investigate the system that registers sex offenders and whether the public is truly protected from them.

Anyway, the possible purpose of the forthcoming activist media stories, reminds me a bit of this post :

The other day I was taking the train from the Newark Airport back to Manhattan. Besides being in general disrepair, the only thing to read was a large sign that explained very sternly and in great detail that if you misbehaved, you would be put off the train at the next stop and the police would be summoned.

And I thought, 99.99999% of the people who read that sign ain't gonna be misbehavin', and the misbehavors couldn't care less what the sign says.

So the net result of the sign is to make honest citizens feel like they're being accused of something, and it doesn't deter the sociopaths at all.

This will be the point of the activist stories:

Make honorable men feel like they are being accused of something while the cretins continue with their behavior.

Blade Guild tweet from last week:

mourners gathered for anniversary vigil for end of Toledo press

I have no idea why the newspaper industry continues to wither.

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