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Resolved - Test text for the Textile live preview editor

update 21aug2013: have changed to #resolved.

This is some test text after reducing the font size from for this pane from 1.2em to 1.1em and reducing the line height from 1.7em to 1.5em. Despite the reductions, the text still displays fine in this window. It's less like the display in the right pain though. The previous dimensions were closer.

I don't know why this text area box created more space between the paragraphs than the Web display.

If I reduce the browser size by a notch with ctrl and the dash sign (reduces to 90%), this display still looks fine.

I like viewing jothut and toledotalk at 90%, and I like the larger default sizes too. That's why I may need to add a text resizer. It's easy to change the size with the browser on the laptop/desktop, but is it possible to do something similar with browsers on mobile devices.

here is some additional text. when the editor screen is moved left, the width is increased from 48% to 60% to provide more typing area, especially with the moderately-sized font size.

this 60% screen looks good on the laptop. no too wide and not too narrow.

when testing a couple days ago on the ipad with the bluetooth keyboard, it seemed the typing window was too narrow at 48% when centered.

the smaller 48% size is required, of course, when in split screen mode.

back to split screen mode. this is still acceptable. i just wish the right pane would stay at the bottom. instead, i have to move to right pane with mouse and scroll down bottom to see text.

so really, the only time the live preview is a distraction in the right pane when in split screen mode is before the text in the right pane reaches the bottom of the window.

this makes me think that the live preview may textile editor may not be needed, especially if i cannot add the javascript to keep the screen at the bottom of the page.


  • i may end up sticking with my very basic split screen mode with no javascript, not even for helper buttons. a preview button would exist, requiring the data to make a roundtrip to the server and back to show the formatted text in the right pane. code removed. only support basic single, textarea box and the splitscreen mode listed below.
  • and then i may enhance my basic split screen by adding the minified javascript that i added to this textile editor: the ability to center and enlarge the typing screen. [done] then I would add:
    • ajax code to make the preview round trip so that the typing screen cursor remains unchanged. [done. ajax plus json]
    • ajax code to do auto-saves. [done]
      • 21aug2013 all of the above has been implemented.


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