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Tt post oct 19 2015

The Black Cloister is a "taproom," and that kind of license prohibits the business from having a kitchen.

A "brewpub" license allows for a kitchen, but it comes with more costs.

Many homebrewers who want to start a brewery business only want to focus on what they love, which is brewing beer. They don't want all the other headaches that can come with running a restaurant.

The taproom license forces the owners to keep it simple and focused. This license is relatively new to Ohio, and it creates a unique business.

While the Black Cloister cannot make and sell food, it allows you to bring your own food. Sometimes a food truck is parked along Erie St. A hot dog cart is usually setup near the entrance. And some businesses will deliver food to you inside the Black Cloister.

If we eat food at the Black Cloister, we usually get pizza from M’ Osteria or Home Slice, or we order something from Table 44.

The taproom license also means that the only alcohol that the Black Cloister can sell is the beer that they brew. No wine, no bourbon, no vodka, and nobody else's beer.

I think that they offer soda pop.

But now on tap at the the Black Cloister is kombucha from local company Boochy Mama. It's also sold in bottles at Black Kite and at many other locations. Good stuff. Some day, we'll try producing kombucha at home.

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