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Tt post jan 11 2016

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Identifying the problem, that might be Step 1 in the recovery program, but we have been stuck on the same step for a while.

I think that the problems were identified 10 years ago and probably 20 years ago. And I predict that someone will identify the same problems 10 years from now.

Burris's column sounded similar to a TT thread from 2005 or 2006. Funny thing was, back then if you acted like Burris, you were slapped with the "Negative" label. Actually, that still happens.

"When people talk about the “good old boy” network in Toledo government, it is not hyperbole."

Does Burris still live in Ottawa Hills? If so, then why does a member of the Suburban Cabal give a damn about Toledo government? It's none of his business, according to the Blade editorial board some years back.

To hell with Toledo goobermint. It's better to focus resources elsewhere.

And once again, I will share the best solution to help Toledo, Ohio. I'm not talking about helping only downtown Toledo nor Lucas County nor Metro Toledo nor the Toledo region.

This is about the 80 square miles of Toledo terra firma.

And this idea comes from Burris's good friend and "United Nations 2013 Urban Planner of the Year" winner, EconCat88, who said:

"There was some lady from Sylvania Township that had plenty to say about the negativity of my videos, and I find it somewhat ironic that somebody from Sylvania Township would have anything to say about Toledo, because frankly, all you folks that have ran to the suburbs over the last 30-40 years, you’re actually as responsible for these problems as anybody."

"Why don’t you come down here [Toledo], buy one of these dumpy houses, refurbish it, move into it, and put Toledo back on the path to whatever your version of recovery is?"

I don't care where people live. But ... when it comes to criticizing Toledo, I'll place more importance on the words of someone who actually lives in the city over someone who doesn't. I proudly discriminate on that basis.

The Suburban Cabal should focus on culling deer and fixing stray cats.

Since the year 2000, Toledo's population has declined by nearly 35,000 people. Toledo's population has declined by over 100,000 people since 1970.

Maybe Burris should interview the former Toledoans who now live in the surrounding communities in order to compile a list of reasons why people have fled the city.

That's where the Suburban Cabal can help. What have they figured out that those of us still stuck behind the wall have not learned?

Oh, our reward for staying in the city is a doubling of the illegal tax that's code-named refuse fee, along with a possible voter-increase in the 100-year temporary income tax that is being falsely sold as way to fix our roads, and of course, the continual misuse of taxpayer money due to misplaced priorities.

And in a year or two when it's obvious that the increase in the temporary income tax to fix our roads was a lie, then the city will try to convince the voters to pass a brand new income tax and/or new property tax.

But it's the voters who do this. The small percentage who vote. Maybe this is a reason why people leave. I'll wait for Burris's survey results for confirmation.

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