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WTOL fires employees for playing the game Cards Against Humanity

Toledo, Ohio - News broke on Thu, Jan 14, 2016 that TV news station WTOL fired employees for playing a game. But it's not that simple.

The employees played the allegedly offensive game at work. Bad choice. Stupid choice.

It's possible that another employee overheard the conversations, and deemed the language too offensive for the workplace.

The employees may have been fired for violating rules in their employee handbook.

The fired workers played the game on New Year's weekend. I doubt that the employee handbook states that workplace rules can be ignored around the holidays.

It's a bit odd that employees of a news station would be unaware of the hypersensitive world that now exists. After all, media orgs remind us about all the so-called offensive behavior that occurs.

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The Facebook comments at the bottom of the Blade stories are hilariously moronic. Remember, Facebook comments promote more civil discussions. <eye roll>

What's also hilarious is that the deranged Facebook mob is expressing support for the game-playing employees and hammering station management and whoever complained about being offended. Usually, the deranged Facebook mob attacks people who engage in the alleged offensive behavior. Apparently, it's okay to be offensive if the deranged Facebook mob agrees.

Whatever. I don't watch TV news. I'm unaware of the people who got fired. I'm guessing that they will find work somewhere relatively soon. It's not a major offense. It was a poor group decision.

I've never played the game. Actually, I may not have heard of the game until this story. No idea. I assume that I heard of the game in the past, but I probably deemed the information valueless and ejected it from mental storage.

Using crochet to model hyperbolic geometry is far more interesting and entertaining to me.

As of this morning, the WTOL story has not yet made it to http://mediagazer.com/.

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