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Actually, this Southwyck mall issue is number 3. At least.

If this story is true, then PH2 is exhibiting disturbing behavior, which is probably normal for political hacks.

It appears that the mayor is withholding information even from city council.

1. Nov 12, 2015 - Toledo Blade - Mayor kept $20M deficit from voters

Hicks-Hudson: I wasn’t ‘hiding anything,’ budget not complete.

The mayor said she did not withhold the gravity of the budget problem from the public during the mayoral campaign.

Several Toledo councilmen said they knew the 2015 general fund would close with a $4 million negative balance.

None [on Council] said they were aware of the severity of the 2016 budget problem.

... there were no indications offered to council.

2. May 25, 2016 - Toledo Blade - Mayor knew of water cost 4 months ago

Mayor Hicks-Hudson said her administration did not withhold information.

... waited until this week to break the news to most city councilmen and the public.

Several councilmen on Tuesday questioned why it took so long to reveal the new cost estimates.

3. May 26, 2016 - Toledo Blade - Toledo lets $2.8M purchase bid for Southwyck expire

Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson repeatedly denied Wednesday that the city had been offered money for the property or that a purchase agreement was in hand.

It was not clear why the mayor did not sign the document or disclose the $2.8 million offer to Toledo City Council. Sale of the property will require council approval.

Neither Councilman Matt Cherry, the district representative for South Toledo, nor Rob Ludeman, chairman of council’s regional growth and development committee, knew of its existence.

On the flip side, these Blade stories could be considered nit-picking attacks against the mayor.

Withholding info from city council, however, is bizarre. But this might be the strong mayor form of government, which the Blade editorial board wanted.

According to the Blade story about Southwyck:

  • land size = 58.5 acres
  • in 2014, city bought the property for $3.25 million
  • in 2016, city offered $2.8 million

Recently, Toledo government sold or may sell four acres of city land for $50. That's $12.5 per acre.

$2.8 million for Southwyck would be a stunning offer for land that could be sold for $731.25.

We could pool our money and offer $1,000 for the Southwyck property. Because of the location's proximity to Indiana, we'll pay more than the value of the East Toledo land.

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