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JR: Design and typography links to read June 25, 2016 - more>>
- Jun 27, 2016 - #design #typography

JR: Designing websites for readers and writers - "Thankfully, we're starting to see something of a Renaissance. Comment-forms are dropping off blogs like vestigial tails. Text sizes are increasing yearly, and sites are being stripped and whitewashed, with most of their old cruft gone without a trac... more>> 4 min read
- Mar 24, 2015 - #design #blogging #typography #content #writing #longform #reading #blog_jr

JR: typography ideas - more>>
- Mar 23, 2015 - #design #typography

JR: Resolved - Experiment with fonts and CSS - completed 5jun2013 - liked the "Lato" sans serif. "PT Serif" is okay, but I still prefer sans serif.'s serif is the best serif that I've seen. I'll stick with Open Sans, but I may test Lato some more. Need to increase the font size with La... more>>
- Jun 27, 2013 - #junco #resolved #typography

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