Solar energy is frying birds

The alternative energy sources are quite destructive to flying things. Turbines whacking birds is well-known, but I was unaware of large solar installations frying birds in mid-air.

Some of the 300,000 computer-controlled mirrors, at the Ivanpah Solar ElectirIc Generating System in Primm, Nev. New estimates for the Ivanpah solar plant, an innovative year-old $2.2 billion solar project with Google as a major investor, say thousands of birds are dying yearly, roasted by the concentrated sun rays.

This October 2013 photo provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service shows a burned MacGillivray's Warbler that was found at the Ivanpah solar plant in the California Mojave Desert. Workers at a state-of-the-art new solar plant have a word for the birds that fly over the plant's five-mile field of mirrors, streamers, for the puff of smoke as the birds ignite in mid-air and fall singed to the ground.

Google, don't be evil, eh?

It's fascinating to observe the level of stupidity achieved by geniuses.

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