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Coffee issues at the Toledo Farmers Market - Oct 4, 2014

My comment at a Toledo Talk thread:

We experienced this bizarre payment confusion this morning too with that vendor.

I guess the vendor could sell coffee from the truck, but the vendor could not sell coffee at the table, located under the shelter.

But at the vendor's table today, you could still get a cup of coffee, and the vendor accepted donations over normal payment.

That vendor provided coffee for "sale" that you poured yourself from those big thermos-style, push-button containers, and the vendor could not charge for this coffee today even though the containers rested on the vendor's table.

Was the issue the fact that the coffee was brewed 30 feet away at the truck, then poured into large containers, and then the containers were carried to the table for sale?

It's ground coffee and water, so what's the health issue?

If at the table, you ordered a specialty coffee drink that contained milk, and this coffee drink was made at the truck and then walked over to the table, then I suppose a pigeon dropping could land in the drink during the travel.

But why would carrying thermos containers of coffee violate some rule that prevents that coffee from being sold?

Whatever the rule is, it did not prevent that coffee from being consumed by customers. It's not a health issue if we were still permitted to drink it. And how is donating money okay, but paying the listed price not okay? And we over-donated too.

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