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Apr 20, 2015 TT post

The humor.

A few months ago, Ohio's governor signed new legislation that basically rendered our traffic enforcement cameras useless. Toledo officials disliked this new law, and the city found an agreeing judge to put the new state regs on hold. The illegal cameras continue to operate. And then the city announced it would start filing lawsuits against citizens who have unpaid fines due to these cameras.

Last week, the city of Toledo wanted to ban guns at the NSM rally. One judge denied the city's request. The city issued the request again, and the request was rejected, again. But the city went ahead and did what it wanted anyway because it knows that a citizen filing a lawsuit against the city will go nowhere.

Who are the fascists? The lines are blurring.

Toledo taxpayers will pay at least $100,000 for police overtime, city officials said.

Nope. Toledo taxpayers should not pay for this.

Keeping with the fascism theme, Toledo officials should pay the police overtime with money collected from the illegal traffic enforcement cameras.

It's sort of a hilarious full-circle thing.

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