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My tt comment - feb 10, 2016

Since the Seneca County courthouse is a significant national and maybe international issue, and since the Blade is approaching this with serious journalism, then the Blade needs to ask what Sanders and Trump would have done.

I'm guessing that Trump would have blown up that piece of shit courthouse and maybe most of downtown Tiffin, and then he would have built a flashy 70-story building that would remain 90% empty.

Sanders would have encouraged area fiber artists to yarn-bomb the courthouse in a rainbow of colors.

Either solution would have worked out fine because 99.99999999999% of the population doesn't give a damn about the Seneca County courthouse.

Asking Kasich about that courthouse may be one of the dumbest questions ever asked during a presidential campaign.

The Blade editorial board is so blinded by its bizarre and disturbing fetish for that courthouse that the board fails to see what a joke the Blade has become.

It's 2016. The Blade started worrying about the demise of that courthouse in January 2007, at least.

If the Blade exposed the incompetence and possible malfeasance in our local taxpayer-funded entities with the same vigor as they do for a building, located an hour away, then the Blade might be useful.

But generally, the Blade editorial board endorses the destructive issues that continue to drive people away from Toledo. Yes, it might be hard to believe, but Toledo's population continues to decline. But I'm convinced that increasing our taxes will attract residents because this time, Toledo government is telling the truth.

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