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JR: Kinglet User and Programmer Documentation - file #kinglet - #api - #rest - #json Example usage: It's a simple, web-based, private messaging app. It uses a basic, responsive design. It contains only a small number of functions. It's part microblog, part e-mail, and part message bo... more>> 14 min read
- Mar 19, 2014 - #kinglet #api #rest #json

JR: Kinglet API - Each function is preceded with /api/v1. Users Except for activating a user account, URIs for GETs and PUTs end with a query string: /?user_name=[user_name]user_id=[user_id]session_id=[session_id retrieve profile page info for user name JR. GET ... more>> 6 min read
- Mar 07, 2014 - #todo #kinglettodo #api #programming

JR: Junco REST JSON simple GET for a post - Retrieve basic information for a blog or microblog post: markup content created date modified date author name Maybe additional fields will be added later if necessary. A GET request is used to return the information in JSON format. Example URL... more>>
- Sep 20, 2013 - #juncocode #rest #json #api

JR: Reuters' former Next Web system - Sep 19, 2013 - Nieman Journalism Lab - Reuters nixes Next: Failed redesigns and the challenge of expanding a digital audience May 2013 story May 2013 Every page is your homepage: Reuters, untied to print metaphor, builds a modern river of news Dav... more>> 5 min read
- Sep 19, 2013 - #media #design #programming #api #json

JR: WebHook URL info - Interesting. - WebHook URLs There are a number of websites and services to which Draft can natively publish, including Wordpress, Reddit, {third example}. If there's a place we don't already post, you can use this to publish data secur... more>>
- Aug 09, 2013 - #blogging #api #json #rest #programming

JR: weather API - minutely - next 60 minutes hourly - next 48 hours daily - next 7 days - for some reason, this produces info for wood count,-83.8... more>> 1 min read
- Jul 15, 2013 - #weather #api

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