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Tt post july 5, 2016

Toledo has struggled with refuse/recyclables for at least the last 10 years before we had the automated trucks and back when some residents placed their garbage on the side of the road five days or more before the scheduled pickup.

But instead of the city targeting the small percentage of citizens who regularly put their trash out days ahead of pickup, Toledo has decided that everyone is an abuser.


I have a neighbor who is approaching 80 years of age. I watched as she used her walker to carry out her trash to the street this afternoon at 2:45 pm.

Beginning next week my neighbor will be subject to a fine of $75 for such behavior. Toledo mayor Carty Finkbeiner has determined that the city will be a cleaner place to live if residents are prohibited from taking out the trash before 5:00 pm the day before pickup. Additional violations will result in fines of $150.

Stupidly, some residents did place their trash along the curb way to early, which meant it was strewn across the ground by the time it was due to be picked up.

Today we have illegal dumping in alleys because "FREE" unlimited trash pickup does not occur daily. How do people have so much shit to throw away so often?

Now some knuckleheads cannot grasp the concept of recycling, which causes a dumb reaction by the city.

“We now have recycle inspectors who are going out in front of the recycle trucks to lift the lids and see what is in them,” Mr. Welch said.

People mistakenly think anything made of plastic can go in the city’s blue recycling carts, he said. Items such as plastic shopping bags, shower curtains, plastic plants, and toys are not recyclable, Mr. Welch said.

May 2016 Blade story

... workers pulled out a washing machine agitator, bicycle wheel, a basketball, and window blinds from a truckload of recyclables dumped at the Kuhlman Corp. facility near downtown.

2007 TT post : Toledo Recycling Guide - info from the city. Back then, we could not recycle the following.

do NOT recycle these items

  • Newspapers, magazines, phone books
    • No wet paper.
    • No plastic bags/sleeves.
    • Do not place paper fiber products in the container with the plastics, cans, and bottles.
  • Junk mail, office paper, cardboard
    • No wet paper/cardboard.
    • No shredded paper.
  • Plastics
    • No lids
    • No food containers.
    • No plastic wrap.
    • No hazardous materials.
    • No plastic bags.
    • No tubs or trays.
    • No oil containers.
  • Glass
    • No ceramics.
    • No mirrors.
    • No light bulbs.
    • No Pyrex-type glass.
    • No window glass.
    • No broken glass.
  • Cans
    • No aerosol cans.
    • No oil cans.
    • No cardboard cans like frozen juice cans.
    • No paint cans

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