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JR: Javascript, CSS, and HTML demos - Attempting to demonstrate: HTML/HTML5 CSS - CSS3 JavaScript jQuery jQuery mobile minified.js Ajax May also play around with: Twitter's Bootstrap3. - site to view for example - another example AngularJS. HTML5 Boilerplate Demos jQuery... more>> 1 min read
- Oct 23, 2013 - #javascript #css #html

JR: Fix CSS for tagscountstop display - #juncotodo #css when resizing, the boxes should center within the page. sample code to test: !doctype html html head meta charset=UTF-8 / meta name=viewport content=initial-scale=1, width=device-width / style # column_container { width: 5... more>>
- Oct 18, 2013 - #juncotodo #css

JR: CSS and background image - Testing something div style=background: a href=/cgi-bin/; color: #000; padding-bottom: 10px; padding-top: 5px; text-align: center; background-image: url(/image/test.jpg); width:100%; max-width:1280px; max-height: 400px; bac... more>>
- Oct 10, 2013 - #fff #css

JR: Resolved - Fix CSS nav issue in IE 8 - Completed on 10Oct2013. Modified header.tmpl and junco.css. For browsers not supporting media queries, the search link appears in the nav bar on large screens instead of the search form. Also, needed to add to header.tmpl: !--[if lt IE 9] scri... more>>
- Oct 10, 2013 - #junco #resolved #css

JR: Junco theme development - junco.css - default junconightmode.css - dark background with light text (currently, not supporting different themes when typing with the enhanced view.) Parts of junco.css that need changed to support different colors: body: background color ... more>>
- Sep 30, 2013 - #css #juncocode #theme

JR: Major Junco.css breakpoints - Determining primary breakpoints in my CSS. Top-down or bottom-up? Today's thinking is mobile-up (min-width), but I've seen designers use the desktop-down approach (max-width). Mobile-up is suppose to create simpler and easier to maintain CSS, but... more>>
- Sep 30, 2013 - #junco #css #design

JR: CSS for opening paragraph of text - This was commented out in the junco.css file, so I removed it, but I'm saving it here. This alters only the opening paragraph of text on a blog post except in IE8. The yellow background was used for testing. # content p:nth-child(2) { font... more>>
- Sep 26, 2013 - #css #design

JR: CSS, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Typography, Accessibility, and Responsive Design Info - #nodejs - all things Web-related (except Perl is not listed, of course) - web page/browser testing good, basic site design to study that uses bootstrap and jquery: - node.js framework - Intention.js offers a light-weight and clear way t... more>> 6 min read
- Sep 25, 2013 - #nodejs #css #html #javascript #responsive #design

JR: Test no-list navigation with drop-down menus - 8Aug2013: will not investigate this. I like using the lists. #junco #css
- Aug 08, 2013

JR: CSS media queries - width versus device-width - In CSS media the difference between width and device-width can be a bit muddled, so lets expound on that a bit. device-width refers to the width of the device itself, in other words, the screen resolution of the device. Lets say your screen's resol... more>> 1 min read
- Jul 30, 2013 - #css #design #responsive

JR: CSS drop-down menus - #css
- Jun 30, 2013

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