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JR: GitHub info for newbies - And Git in general. [X] After creating new repository through the Web browser at GitHub, do the following at the command prompt on local machine t... more>> 6 min read
- Aug 06, 2017 - #github #programming #versioncontrol #business #collaboration #gtd

JR: The Media and Their CMS Apps - I think this says more about the poorly-designed workflow systems in some media orgs, and how the media loves to whine and make excuses for their foul-ups.... more>> 26 min read
- Apr 22, 2016 - #media #writing #cms #design #gtd

JR: Managing Complex Change - Dec 1, 2015 tweet by iA contained this image. Text version: Managing Complex Change Vision + Skills + Incentives + Resources + Action Plan = Change Vision + Skills + Incentives + Resources + Action Plan = Confusion Vision + Skills + Incen... more>>
- Dec 14, 2015 - #business #howto #gtd #blog_jr

JR: Content creation at GitHub - Related elsewhere : https://... more>>
- Sep 07, 2014 - #collaboration #business #gtd #writing

JR: Using the Internet for fun and profit - Sep 30, 2013 - Wired - Twitter Founder Reveals Secret Formula for Getting Rich Online Excerpts: Ev Williams has figured out the internet. his message was clear: At a time when so many internet entrepreneurs are running around Silicon Valley try... more>> 4 min read
- Mar 03, 2014 - #quote #web #business #howto #gtd #blog_jr

JR: Boost Your Productivity With Hemingway’s Hack - To my surprise, none of these lists mentions an easy to grasp rule Ernest Hemingway applied to his writing process. His hack is perhaps too nonconformist to be part of the "getting things done" gospel. The winner of the 1954 Nobel prize in Literatur... more>> 2 min read
- Mar 03, 2014 - #writing #gtd #creativity #productivity #blog_jr

JR: Guidelines to increase productivity by limiting time on the Internet - June 2013 post Why I Dont Check Facebook Till 6PM - Systems over Discipline These are the author's guidelines or efficiency rules to increase productivity. Only check e-mails between 11AM - 12PM, and 3PM - 4PM. My cell phone stays f... more>>
- Mar 03, 2014 - #socialmedia #gtd #blog_jr

JR: Productivity suffers in workplace due to interruptions - Real productivity takes time. Its a process. You make your way into it. Sometimes it takes 15 minutes or a half hour or an hour or more to really get in that zone. And when youre in that zone you are actually getting real work done. But once you get ... more>>
- Mar 03, 2014 - #enterprise #gtd #blog_jr

JR: Programmer Anarchy - Excerpts from the first link: WHAT IS this Programmer Anarchy? For those of you who dont have their ear pinned to the techie ground, Programmer Anarchy is a concept that has been around for about the l... more>> 1 min read
- Mar 03, 2014 - #programming #gtd #blog_jr

JR: Management tips from Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" - Excerpts from a July 1, 2013 blog post If you plan to read only one book on management, forget all of the recently published bestsellers and read Sun Tzu - The Art of War. To tease the ones who havent read this masterpiece, and motivate... more>> 1 min read
- Mar 03, 2014 - #business #management #books #gtd #blog_jr

JR: The Holstee Manifesto Poster - "This is your life" - enlarge This is your life. Do what you love, and do it often. If you dont like something, change it. If you dont like your job, quit. If you dont have enough time, stop watching tv. If you are looking for the love of your life, stop; they wil... more>>
- Jan 15, 2014 - #philosopy #quote #gtd #blog_jr

JR: Scott Adams - How to Be Successful - October 2013 WSJ article! HN thread Systems-oriented is preferred over goal-oriented. Adams in the WSJ article: Had I been goal-oriented instead of system-oriented, I imagine I would have given up after the first several failures. It would... more>> 1 min read
- Jan 15, 2014 - #gtd #howto #blog_jr

JR: GTD - Don't break the chain - Seinfeld productivity tip - Lifehacker: 2007 - Jerry Seinfeld's Productivity Secret 2012 - How Seinfeld's Productivity Secret Fixed My Procrastination Problem Hacker News: October 2013 thread Excerpts from the 2007 Lifehacker article: I had to ask Seinfeld if he had... more>> 7 min read
- Jan 15, 2014 - #gtd #blog_jr

JR: Story ideas and other tips for authors - August 2013 "Joshua is also one half of Epic Magazine, a new publishing start-up that is collaborating with Medium. We asked him about his writing." From Joshua: A lot of the distribution platforms ... more>> 1 min read
- Oct 08, 2013 - #writing #author #gtd #howto #blogging #blog_jr

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