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JR: Old School Web - April 2016 - Actually, "old school web" would be the 1990s. The descriptions below were more common between 2000 and 2007. blog - for sharing content to the world. no commenting mechanism (personal pref). at most, might implement a spam-proof indieweb webmentio... more>>
- Apr 26, 2016 - #blogging #rss #email

JR: Business Communication - 2016 - Interview with Phil Simon who said: We often think that were being clear at work when were not. This is why I titled the book Message Not Received. To quote George Bernard Shaw, The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it ha... more>> 4 min read
- Jan 13, 2016 - #business #kms #email #collaboration #design #wiki #blogging

JR: Forward email from gmail - Open the Gmail account that you want to forward from. At the top right, click the gear Settings. Select Settings. Select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Click Add a forwarding address in the Forwa... more>>
- Aug 25, 2015 - #email #howto

JR: Email newsletter startup business - Proof that not all of the ideas have been taken. Lo-fi tech approach plus personal interests plus a passion to make something. dec 2014 july 2014 sample #email - #media - #writing - #technology - #startup
- Dec 17, 2014

JR: How my stepdaughter communicated online back in 2005-2006 - she would have been a high school freshman at the time. my TT post from july 29, 2006 Last winter, I asked my stepdaughter how she communicates with friends. Results with order not indicating importance: - talking on the cell phone - text messag... more>> 12 min read
- Dec 01, 2014 - #email

JR: Email is still popular - At least as of June 2014, especially with newsletters. Email's resurgence probably began when the iPhone came out in 2007. Notifications on smartphones. Staying connected and current. For Blackberry uses 4 to 7 years ago, email prob never diminish... more>>
- Sep 02, 2014 - #email #blog_jr

JR: Interview with Mojo Mail author - November 2002 - (my blog post from Friday, November 22, 2002) An interesting discussion with a young, bright artist and programmer. "I'm a curious person and activities such as painting and programming aren't too too different. Both need you to have a amazing i... more>> 2 min read
- Jul 18, 2014 - #art #programming #email #perl

JR: Email login activation link for signing into a sight - Not just for activating an account. Sign-in is the part of the site of the site no one cares about. Its not a feature; its a necessary evil. So the question is how do we make that as painless as possible, says Blaine Cook, formerly of Twitter and... more>> 1 min read
- Jul 15, 2014 - #email #password #security

JR: My views on printing digital text to paper - Hand printing and sketching with a pencil or ballpoint pen in a notebook is still acceptable behavior for me, at least for a few more years. This Web app will play a role in reducing and possibly eliminating my use of pocket paper notebooks and a bal... more>> 2 min read
- Jan 12, 2014 - #kms #cms #wiki #blogging #business #email #collaboration #blog_jr

JR: Stop using e-mail as a collaboration and knowledge management tool - E-mail still has a place in the work environment. E-mail won't go away. But it's amazing how many employees still rely on e-mail for collaboration and knowledge management tasks that would be better suited for even a simple internal wiki Web app. I'... more>> 11 min read
- Oct 29, 2013 - #kms #cms #wiki #blogging #business #email #collaboration #blog_jr

JR: More people reading news on tablets - No surprise to me. The tablet is by far my favorite reading device for long reads. For long periods of information consumption, I prefer the tablet over printed paper, printed books, laptops, TV, and smartphones. Aug 12, 2013 pandodaily article Why ... more>> 5 min read
- Oct 08, 2013 - #design #media #tablet #email #tv #web #blog_jr

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