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JR: MN at NE - Nov 22, 2014 - (25) Minnesota 28 at (23) Nebraska 24. Down by double digits in the third quarter, and with star running back David Cobb on the sideline injured, the Gophers (No. 25 CFP) stunned Nebraska (No. 23 CFP, No. 21 AP) 28-24 on Saturday to keep alive ... more>> 1 min read
- Nov 22, 2014 - #college #sports #football

JR: Browns defeat Raiders - Oct 26, 2014 - For the second consecutive week, the Cleveland Browns faced a winless opponent, starting a rookie quarterback. The previous week, Cleveland lost bad at Jacksonville. This time, Cleveland won ugly at home against Oakland. In the NFL, the key is sim... more>> 6 min read
- Oct 28, 2014 - #sports #football #nfl #browns

JR: 2014 Cleveland Browns - Even though preseason does not count, it appears that the Browns are headed toward another major losing season, unless some surprises occur on offense. I think that the Browns hope its defense and rushing offense can keep Cleveland in games late. ... more>> 15 min read
- Oct 17, 2014 - #sports #nfl #browns #blog_jr

JR: Thoughts on getting routed in a high school sport contest - my oct 15, 2014 comment to this thread For Eastwood coaches, it's tough to play players who normally see little action and then tell them, "Don't play." I see no problem with the score. That's life in sports. Sometimes, you get routed. During... more>> 4 min read
- Oct 17, 2014 - #sports #soccer

JR: TV viewing update - October 2014 - Our TV is too old to receive the digital signal, and I never obtained a converter box. No cable and no satellite TV, so it's just Roku and DVDs for us. Or even better, we don't watch much TV at all anymore. I watch movie DVDs when walking on the ... more>> 2 min read
- Oct 08, 2014 - #tv #internet #sports #football

JR: 2014 NFL standings after 5 weeks - #sports - #football - #nfl Cleveland at 2-2 is "riding high." The Browns have exactly one more win than the Titans. 25 of the 32 NFL teams have at least 2 wins. NFC East Philadelphia 4 -1 - 0 Dallas 4 -1 - 0 - NY Giants 3 -2 - 0 Washing... more>> 1 min read
- Oct 08, 2014 - #sports #football #nfl

JR: Cleveland Browns thuggery, goon football play (and victory) - And the hypocrisy of the NFL's stance on player safety. The Titans lead the Browns early in the second quarter 14-0. The Titans offense has shredded the Browns defense thus far. Cleveland cannot stop the Titans with straight-up, legal football play,... more>> 18 min read
- Oct 05, 2014 - #sports #football #nfl #browns #moronism

JR: Weekend Activities - Sat-Sun, Sep 20-21, 2014 - - clean streams pickup is Sat, Sep 20. I did this with DH once several years ago. "Partners for Clean Streams in Perrysburg organizes an effort each year to remove trash and other debris clogging the areas waterways." - Sat, Sep 20 in Perrysburg - ... more>>
- Sep 19, 2014 - #toledo #food #sports #history #architecture #event

JR: 2014 NFL 0-2 and 2-0 teams - The usual info that gets mentioned each season at this time. Since the league expanded its playoff field to 12 teams in 1990, 0-2 starts have virtually proven a mortal blow to playoff hopes. Only 11.6% of teams in that span have recovered from 0-2... more>> 1 min read
- Sep 19, 2014 - #sports #football #nfl #blog_jr

JR: MMQB - {{feed= desc}} #sports - #football - #nfl
- Sep 10, 2014

JR: 2014 World Cup Soccer Coverage - Excerpts from the above article: Youll need a cable login to watch the ESPN coverage online but if you dont have a cable subscription youll be able to watch at least the early round games online via Univision though youll need to dust up on y... more>> 1 min read
- Sep 02, 2014 - #sports #soccer #media #blog_jr

JR: Legendary Steelers coach Chuck Noll dies - He was not a pizzazz guy. He knew where he was, where he was going and where he wanted to go and how to do it, Rooney Jr. said. He had a very, very strong moral compass. ... My dad respected that. Noll was a reluctant celebrity and turned down only ... more>> 2 min read
- Sep 02, 2014 - #sports #football #history #blog_jr

JR: U.S. vs Portugal - Sun, Jun 22, 2014 - World Cup Soccer TV Ratings - Jun 24, 2014 - NY Times - Bigger Than Baseball: 25 Million Watch U.S.-Portugal World Cup Match - "TV Ratings in U.S.-Portugal Tie Show World Cups Draw" With an audience of 25 million viewers for Sundays game between the United States and Portuga... more>> 1 min read
- Sep 02, 2014 - #sports #soccer #tv #blog_jr

JR: Toledo Rockets 2014 football schedule - We bought season tickets for this season. It will be nice to attend some games. Unfortunately, a couple of UT's home games are played during the day, instead of at night, like normal. That's probably because of TV. Sat, Aug 30vs.New HampshireW 20 ... more>>
- Sep 02, 2014 - #toledo #sports #football #blog_jr

JR: 09/13/2002 Archived Entry "The Browns are cursed and goofy" - A sportswriter in our local paper wrote an article describing the Cleveland Browns as a cursed team. It's probably the Paul Brown curse, slapped on the Browns franchise after he was run out of town by Art Modell. Paul starts a new team in Cincinnati,... more>> 2 min read
- Jul 08, 2014 - #sports #football #nfl #browns

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